Arco Musical

On the weekend of December 9-11 our event Arco Musical is taking place in Graz.

Arco Musical is a project created by the capoeiristas Sabiá and Kapacete with the aim of developing the musical part of this fascinating art called capoeira. It is a workshop totally focused on the musical part and its development.

  • how to learn to play the instruments (berimbau, atabaque, agogô, tambourine, reco-reco)

  • learn or perfect the basic touches.

  • battery formation options.

  • options and tips for commanding a wheel.

  • drum beats (Congo de Ouro, Samba-de-roda)

  • how to play in rhythm in different ringtones.

  • simplified and easy-to-learn methods.

  • workouts, rodas, etc.

If you wish to participate we urge you to fill out the registration form on the righthand side.

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Arco Musical

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